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Some of the Important Aspects You Need to Note About Hair Extensions

Every hair vendor in the market will always claim to be selling the best hair in the market. One would need to learn whether the kind of hair he or she is planning to purchase is the best quality for her. It tends to be normal for every vendor to always use the best words to market his or her hair. Each year or even within a shorter period, there will be a type of hair that will come with an attached title of value supposed to stimulate the buying needs of the general public.

Due to the fact that there is no standard or criteria of defining hair grading systems, one would note that a grade 9A from one vendor may be grade 6A from another. In the same line, there tends to be a difference between Remy hair extensions and non-Remy hair extensions. In the same manner, one would need to note that Remy hair tends to last up to 1 to 2 years while the non-Remy hair tends to last for only 6 months or even less.
It would also be impossible for any company to have a single donor. In a case where they would source from a single donor, supply would never match demand. Parts of Asia tends to term hair with bundles with up to 70% of full length hair as double drawn where the remaining 30% hair tends to be covered with shorter hair with the intention of making the top fuller.

Having some basic understanding of human hair and synthetic hair would also be a good move. One would also need to know that human hair tends to cost more when compared to the synthetic hair. .Most of them tends to add the synthetic hair or animal hair with the intention of cutting down the cost.

Weight of the bundle of hair is yet another aspect one would need to consider. Under normal circumstances, standard weight hair tends to weigh about 100 gr. One would need to note that lighter hair bundles tends to cost cheaper in the market. With standard weight hair, one would only need about three bundles to completely cover his or her head. The color to which the hair is to be bleached tends to depend on the hair quality. While bleaching of the human hair tends to be easy, it tends to be very difficult to bleach the synthetic hair. You may however need to remember that there are some synthetic hair that tends to be light in color mainly done right when the hair is getting manufactured.

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